Top Sealing Damper & Damper Locks

        When the original damper in your masonry chimney is either missing, broken or just doesn't seal completely or work and as a result you have that cold draft of air coming into the room from the chimney -- a top sealing damper can be the answer.

Make sure and visit our webpage on bees in the chimney  to get information if you're considering a top sealing damper to try to keep the bees out!

bullet   Replaces broken or missing original damper.
bullet   Seals against heat loss and cold chimney drafts.
bullet   Cuts down on unwanted noise coming down through the chimney.
bullet   Discourages bees from creating a hive in the chimney.
bullet   Simple to operate.
bullet   Handle located on fireplace sidewall.
bullet   Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Protect Chimney With Top Sealing Dampers & Damper Locks!

        The damper plays an important role in the preservation of the chimney and energy.   When your fireplace is NOT in use, the damper will close off the flue, helping to keep conditioned air from exiting the home through the chimney, and working to keep rain out of your chimney system.
        Top-sealing dampers, which are installed in most modern chimneys, as opposed to the throat dampers of old.   With a throat damper, a metal plate is used to close off the flue down by the firebox, while a top-sealing damper uses a gasket to completely seal the flue at the top of your chimney.
        Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning can install a chimney cap damper at the top of the flue, which can provide the protection and function of both a chimney cap and a top-sealing damper.   You will effectively close off the flue when you do not need to use it, which will save energy and money, by keeping outside air from entering and inside air from leaking out of the home.   You will also get proper protection for the chimney system against rain and the damage that comes with water penetration.   Additionally, protected from bird, bee, and animal intrusion.
        The functional benefits of a chimney cap damper are numerous, but our cap dampers are NOT just functional, they are beautiful!   We install a wide array of chimney cap dampers in different shapes, sizes and finishes.   Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning can help choose a cap damper that will provide all the protection and function needed, plus the look and style desired.   Give us a call today!

Damper Locks:   Practical And Necessary

        Yes, having a tight-sealing damper installed can add energy-efficiency and protection to the system, but that damper must be opened whenever a fire is going.   If it is not, depending on the fuel using, will have smoke pouring into the home, or worse, a silent and incredibly dangerous flow of carbon monoxide invading the living area.   Given how dangerous both situations are, and how common it is for user error to create a troubling, even deadly circumstance in the home, California codes takes the use of a chimney damper lock very seriously.
        California Uniform Building Code explicitly requires that the chimney damper in a system venting any kind of gas appliance be locked open during a fire, for the protection of the inhabitants of the home.   We comply with this code and create a safer gas-venting system by installing damper locks.   If the gas appliance or vented gas logs in the fireplace, we can install a damper clamp that prevents poisonous gases from pouring back into the home, instead of exiting through the chimney.   It is a smart safety measure put into place to account for user error or forgetfulness, and is well worth the investment.
        If the gas-burning fireplace or gas logs and need a damper clamp installed in the system, give us a call!
        If you have a factory-built fireplace in the home, the heat-resistant refractory panels may need to be replaced.   With our years of experience, we can advise about whether the current need of this chimney installation service, so do not hesitate to ask us about it.


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