Smoke Guards

Fireplace Without Smokeguard Fireplace With Smokeguard
        Many of the chimneys in San Diego & parts of Riverside County have too tall of a fireplace opening, which allows smoke and gases to have a "choice"  of going up the chimney or back into the living area when having a fire.   In many cases, adding a metal plate called a "smoke guard"  to the top of the fireplace opening fixes the smoking problem.

        They come in 4", 6", and 8" widths.   Because of their black color, they will almost be invisible when looking at the fireplace.   You can make your own smoke guard to see if it will work for you by taping foil to the top of the fireplace opening at the widths mentioned above.   If this works, give us a call to install one for you.

  bullet   Economical solution to fireplace smoking problems.
  bullet   Resizes fireplace to proper dimensions.
  bullet   Adjustable to most masonry fireplace openings.
  bullet   Almost invisible when in place.


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