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        We offer premium professional services on Air-Duct CleaningDryer Exhaust Vent Cleaning  and Chimney Cleaning.   We also offer a wide range of repairs for all of our services.   We service both residential and commercial applications in all San Diego County and parts of Riverside County.   Our trained technicians will gladly provide any of our services by appointment only.
Masonry Chimney Repairs
        We offer free service call with any performed work noted at the time of the inspection.   We will give a price quote before the work is done.

        When you book an appointment with us, we will send a expert technician to your home.   You will always get a complete written estimate that includes all charges required for the work to be done.

        Your technician is able to provide you with preventative measures, and periodic maintenance tips.   If you have your technician complete any same day work, your service call is FREE!

Air Duct Cleaning
        You only pay for the cost of the work quoted in your estimate.   And, you won't be overcharged!

        Our technicians will NEVER add diagnosis feeshourly rates,  or travel charges.   If you decide NOT to have the work done, you pay only our low service call for the trip to your home and the written estimate!   Now that's a fair deal!   An experienced technician will arrive at your home or business without delay and thus take care of your issue(s) at hand.   The duct cleaning method we use comes with advanced forced air cleaning without any mess or debris moreover it will not cause harm to the duct surface areas!   Household air pollution is a steadily increasing public health threat with adverse consequences on millions of people throughout the world.   Medical research has determined that it makes a contribution to a greater number of most medical conditions and/or diseases with the inclusion of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma.   Well-known indoor polluting agents normally include dust, mold, pollen, rodent/insect remains as well as human waste.

        Apex Duct & Chimney Cleaning continues to be acknowledged for multiply years of outstanding cleaning services which incorporates air duct cleaning, dryer exhaust vent cleaning and chimney cleaning services.   Our staff are skilled experts in these particular areas.   In addition, we have advanced cleaning equipment that has the capability to provide you with the intensive and satisfactory cleaning which produces a superior outcome.

What You Should Expect From Your Service Technician:

bullet   A highly skilled professional and courteous uniformed service technician.
  bullet   Friendly service with a big smile.
  bullet   FREE service call with any same day work performed.
  bullet   Your approval and authorization BEFORE any work begins.
Results Of A Dryer Fire Results Of A Dryer Fire

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        If you would like to schedule an appointment with our company the following TIPS  will help assist in the completion of your scheduled appointment.

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