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If you have inaccessible in-floor air ducts that are located in the foundation or slab of your home or building, they can be susceptible to moisture, rust, corrosion and even mold.
This can lead to poor indoor air quality as well as a significant energy loss of heated or cooled air.
We offer a new patented solution for commercial and residential air duct sealing and inspection. This process will completely seal all areas of the ductwork resulting in substantial energy savings as well as improving the indoor air quality.
The application is a clean and non-disruptive process and can usually be completed in one day at a fraction of the cost of demolition.

The Technology

The cornerstone of this coating and lining process is the Enviroliner, a latex-based proprietary formula which has been tested extensively for safety. It inhibits bacterial growth and is rust resistant. This eliminates the need for additional chemicals in the home or office and ensures a speedy, one coat application with excellent adherence to the ducting system.

The Process

The patented process is a simple and effcient solution to ductwork problems. The application satisfies the new California Energy Standards requirements for "change-out" and does not require any disruption during the application process.
We can restore corroded, rusted, and highly deteriorated ductwork that is inground, or inaccessible.
The patented process starts with a video inspection. The inspection will allow us to develop the plan to properly line the ductwork.
After we have developed our approach, the ducts will need to be cleaned. Cleaning the ducts ensures a strong bond with our lining material.
The lining process can usually be completed in one day.
When we are fnished, there is no delay before you may use your air conditioning or heating system.
The lining of the ductwork ensures that future duct cleaning is efficient.
The lining has a 15 year warranty with a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

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