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We here at Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning comply with the new NADCA Dryer Exhaust Duct System (DEDP) Standard. This standard was introduced at the NADCA's 25th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX held from March 3-6, 2014. These are the minimum standards we at Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning has been using for several years now. We're extremely happy to see that the industry has finally set a "standard" for this service. There are many ways to clean out a dryer vent; using a leaf blower to remove the lint. Although, this may or may NOT work it doesn't address the reason for the buildup. Improperly installed dryer exhaust ducts can condense water inside the duct, and in some cases will contain accumulated liquid water as well. This condition, combined with lint, can result in cementitious masses adhering to the inside of the dryer exhaust duct system. Once this dries it becomes almost like a plaster paris. In which case even if you have a 200mph leaf blower it won't remove this buildup. Attempting to clear a clogged dryer duct with something other than the proper equipment can disconnect and/or damage the duct work inside the wall and/or ceiling causing even more work - more work means spending more $$$ (e.g. coat hangers, curtain rods,..etc). Yes, we have seen about every imaginable thing to attempt to clear the clog, unfortunately! What usually happens is using something like this will usually get stuck inside the duct creating a bigger problem...for us! We recommend having a professional perform this service. Having the proper equipment without the proper experience can also disconnect and/or damage the duct if improperly used. We have the proper equipment and experience to perform this service correctly.
Manufacture Label On Back Of Dryer
Most manufacturers put bold WARNING labels on each tumble dryer to educate consumers and limit their liability. If you reuse or buy the slinky foil and non UL-listed semi rigid duct, you would be going against manufacturer recommendations and possible code violations.

Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning are experts in handling any set up-single family residence, condominium, townhouse or commercial facility. If you have never had your dryer exhaust vents cleaned or it's been a few of years, have the dryer vent cleaned today! This is a service that is often overlooked and could cause water damage, possible fire hazard, health risk, higher electrical costs and even damage to the dryer. We commonly retrieve 2 -- 5 gallons of lint, and a lot of times 2 - 4 gallons of water, from dryer vents when cleaning them.

Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of residential fires in the U.S. According to the Consumer Products Saftey Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, 310 injuries and over $84,000,000 in property damage resulting from clothes dryers.

Results Of A Dryer Fire


Results Of A Dryer Fire
Results Of A Dryer Fire


Results Of A Dryer Fire

The lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires, and LINT is the main material to ignite. These fires can be caused by failure of mechanical and/or electrical parts within the dryer itself. Also improper materials being put into the dryer, and insufficient airflow as a result of improper installation.

Reduced airflow and the resulting lint build/up can cause overheating by preventing a fast/enough drying action. The high temperature limit safety switch has to cycle on and off to control the heater. High temperature limit switches were never designed to cycle on and off continuously which can cause them to fail over a period of time.

(IAQ) is a major issue for building owners and accumulation of lint and reduced exhaust airflow provide conditions make for a fire.

Benefits Of Dryer Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Efficiency - A normal and clean exhaust vent allows discharge of the heat, moisture and combustion by-products in the case of a gas-fired dryer without resistance. The resistance will increase back pressure in the system. Without good exhaust flow-throughout the system, clothes will take much longer to dry resulting in wasted energy, natural resources, and time. The results will show up in increased utility costs.

Appliance wear - If a dryer takes twice as long to dry clothes as normal, the number of loads of clothes it will dry is cut in half. The client will effectively only receive half the dryer's service life. When the dryer is running at unnecessarily higher temperatures this can decrease that life even more. This can lead to the heating element burning out or a fire could ignite as a result of worn out saftey controls.

Proper Airflow - Proper airflow venting can decrease drying time and decrease operating costs. Proper airflow helps prevent the dryer from operating on its high temperature safety limit control. Vinyl and foil duct venting materials can easily collapse when installed. The use of proper venting materials to achieve maximum performance may also extend the life of the dryer and increase the life of clothing due to lower drying temperatures.

Reduced Maintenance and Energy Costs - To effectively allow dryer performance is at optimal airflow. A properly installed all-metal dryer vent will ensure this airflow. When clothes are given the appropriate amount of air, they dry quicker and are subject to less tumbling. This will result in less wear on the clothing and less use of electricity or gas.

Failure to properly maintain your dryer vents can cause damage to your dryer.

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