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Subject to Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning, hereinafter (Apex) Terms and Conditions which:

All downloaded coupons, offers or specials from Apex website, are subject to change or removal without notice! No cash back, no cash value, not valid with any other offer, special or for gift card purchase. Apex TERMS AND CONDITIONS General Terms. The following terms and conditions apply to any and all "purchased coupons" unless otherwise required by federal, state or local law:

"Purchased coupons", are those coupons that have been purchased from an advertising agency, other than those FREE downloadable coupons from Apex's website.

By placing an Order on a "purchased coupon", you are offering to purchase the "purchased coupon" at a set price through an advertising agency from Apex. The "purchased coupon" allows you to purchase a face value of goods and/or services for a reduced price. Various restrictions may apply to the use of a "purchased coupon" which restrictions are set forth on the "purchased coupon" itself. In addition, the "purchased coupon" is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

No cash back, no cash value, not valid with any other offer, special or for gift card purchase. "Purchased coupons" are redeemable for the goods and/or services specified in the "purchased coupon" only throught an advertising agency from Apex. "Purchased coupons" are not redeemable from any third party other than Apex. "Purchased coupons" may not be redeemed for cash or applied as payment to an account. Apex is solely responsible for all customer services associated with redemption of the "purchased coupon" and all complaints should be directed to Apex.

Unless otherwise set forth in the "purchased coupon", the "purchased coupon" may only be used once. The "purchased coupon" must also be used prior to the "purchased coupon's" expiration date. You will not be entitled to receive cash for any unused portion of the face value of the "purchased coupon". Most "purchased coupons" are activated 24-hours after your purchase from the advertising agency. Neither the Apex nor the advertising agency (affiliates, vendors or assigns) are responsible for stolen "purchased coupons". In the event a "purchased coupon" has been lost or destroyed, please contact the advertising agency where you purchased the coupon and a new "purchased coupon" will be issued to you usually at no charge. However, if you attempt to use a "purchased coupon" that has already been redeemed, your replacement "purchased coupon" will not be redeemable.

In the event an issue arises related to your inability to print a "purchased coupon" or related to inappropriate charges, please contact the advertising agency where the purchase was made.

"Purchased coupons" may not be combined with any other "purchased coupons", coupons, certificates, vouchers, or promotions, unless otherwise specified or permitted by Apex.

"Purchased coupons" may not be used for taxes, shipping fees and handling charges, unless otherwise specified or permitted by Apex.

Refund Policy: All refund requests for "purchased coupons" must be submitted to the advertising agency where you purchased the coupon.

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