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        Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning  is a professional air-duct cleaning contractor with over 10 years of experience in the industry.   The cleaning procedures we use are the industry standards set by the NADCA.   Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning  is also a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau with an excellent track record of client satisfaction.

        (IAQ) is a major issue for building owners and managers, as well as building occupants.   (IAQ) problems can have a significant effect on productivity and employee morale.

Contaminated Air - It's Effects

        Allergic reactions are the most common health problems that people experience regarding indoor air pollution.   An individual can be affected by inhaling particles or vapors, by ingesting or eating it, and by having it come in contact with the skin.   The effects may be immediate or not show up for years.   Immediate responses that may be noted after a single exposure or repeated exposure include irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, head-aches, dizziness and fatigue.   These are usually short-term and treatable.
Dirty HVAC Blower Unit Clean HVAC Blower Unit
        Molds can cause continuing health problems for individuals who may not realize they are mold sensitive.   Health hazards range from infections to irritant and toxic type allergic reactions.   Reactions to molds include sneezing, itching, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

(IAQ) And Your Health

        Billions of dollars are spent each year to treat the symptoms of contaminated air.   Today, our work places are air tight and energy efficient.   This means that more pollutants and contaminates are trapped inside, lowering the quality of air we breathe.   Research indicates that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.   So, the risks to human health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.   Further, those people who may be most susceptible to the adverse effects of indoor air pollution are those who tend to spend the greatest amount of time indoors.

How To Properly Clean Your Air System
By Determining the Problem

        Indoor air problems can be caused by a variety of factors including poor (HVAC) design, substandard filtration and lack of maintenance requiring a team of multi-disciplined professionals to fix the problems.   Left unresolved, indoor air quality problems subject building occupants to prolonged exposure to chemicals, molds, dust mites, bacteria and other pollutants.   Symptoms that workers commonly complain of include coughing, nasal congestion, sore throats, wheezing, asthma, eye irritation, headaches and fatigue.   Most indoor air problems can be traced directly to the (HVAC) system.

        Total (HVAC) and duct cleaning involves the components of the forced air systems, which include the air returns, the supply air ducts and registers, the diffusers, grilles, heating and cooling coils, the fan motors and housing, the air handling units and drip pans (where the moisture condenses and collects).   It is vital that the service contractor clean all components, one dirty component could potentially contaminate the air system all over again.   After the (HVAC) system has been properly cleaned, the system should be sanitized or de-contaminated with an (EPA) registered product.

The Solution To Indoor Air Pollution

Three factors critical to improving air quality are:

  bullet   Adequate introduction of outside air.
  bullet   Unimpeded circulation of air.
  bullet   A clean, contaminant free system.
        The industry approved cleaning method is called "Source Removal"  or the mechanical cleaning of system components to remove dirt and debris.   Source removal methods employ vacuum units, compressed air, mechanical and hand brushes and other tools to loosen dirt and debris and convey it to a containment device for proper disposal.

        Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning  is a leading provider of commercial industrial (HVAC) system cleaning.   Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning  has helped thousands of commercial clients achieve a more cleaner, safer and healthier indoor environment.   All work is performed by experienced and qualified personnel in accordance with standards set by the (NADCA) and (CAL/OSHA).

        Beware of companies that offer to "clean"  your system with chemical encapsulates or dust abatement products.   These products are sprayed over the contaminants to restrict the movement and render them "harmless".   However many such products were not proven safe for use in air handling systems. The only safe way to clean your system is with source removal.

Negative Air Machine

        We have recently upgraded our air-duct cleaning equipment to the latest state-of-the-art negative air machine.   This will allow us to better perform air-duct cleaning/sanitation for both residential and commercial jobs.   We are constantly striving to ensure all of our equipment is the most current within our industry and also the maintenance on all of our equipment is maintained to further ensure that we're able to provide our clients with the "best"  service and equipment currently available..

Going Green

We At Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning Are
Constantly Striving To Lessen Our Impact On Our Planet!

Organic Disinfectant & Cleaner

Can a Disinfectant Be Less Toxic Than Vinegar And Still Kill Germs?

        In nature, plants produce germ-killing "essential oils"  to protect themselves from invading microbes, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection against disease.

        The disinfectant we use is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobial extracts, particularly from the herb Thyme.   Traditional synthetic chemicals use quaternary ammonia or chlorine to kill germs, however, using the essential oils from plants allows to achieve an unprecedented Efficacy & Safety profile.   This is perfect for our clients that are hyper sensitive to normal disinfectants and cleaners.   We're only one of a few companys that uses this product.   This alone puts us at least head and shoulders above our competitors that are not using this product.   To put it simply, our disinfectant is a "plant immune system"  in a bottle.

Do You Worry About The Toxicity Of The Antimicrobials You Use To Kill Germs?

        Our disinfectant's botanical active ingredient is identified by public health authorities as having no known adverse affects to human health or the environment.   Our disinfectant was reviewed for toxicity for all routes of exposure which include: inhalation, ingestion, skin irritation, skin sensitization and eye irritation.

        Our disinfectant surpasses germ killing requirements for hospital disinfectants.   The ingredients are categorized as GRAS and as Direct Food Additives by the FDA.

        Our disinfectant is an EPA approved, 100% organic cleaning solution.   It successfully kills most harmful bacteria, germs, and odors.

Made from thyme, lemon grass, and cloves
Harmless towards humans, babies, and pets
Kills fungus, bacteria, mold, and mildew

Classified as a Hospital or Medical Disinfectant by the
EPA Because of the Variety of Bacteria That It Kills.

Registered to Kill Over 99.99% of Germs
No Rinse or Wipe Required
No PPE Required
A True Botanical Disinfectant
No warnings, MSDS first aid, precautionary statements, special handling or PPE requirements on the label
Made from botanical, pure, renewable and sustainable sources
No synthetic fragrances, dyes, ammonia or chlorine
Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality
Problems Caused By Poor Indoor Air Quality Factors Of Indoor Air Quality
Solutions For Cleaner Air Reasons You to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned
San Diego Air Quality
        Anyone living in the area knows that San Diego air quality is among the worst in the nation.   While the city is cleaning its act up, particulates and ozone from highways and shipping are trapped by the geography making significant cleanup efforts difficult.   The mountains form a natural pocket that literally keeps the bad air contained here.   To maintain health, people with chronic lung conditions are encouraged to stay inside.   But what happens when the indoor air quality is worse than the outside?
        To improve the quality of air inside your home, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that home be well ventilated to reduce the harmful effects of potentially dangerous toxins that can concentrate within a home.   Those toxins can include biological materials, such as molds that live inside the home, as well as heavy particulates and ozone from the surrounding area.

        In fact, unless steps are taken to correct the problems, indoor San Diego air quality can be three to five times worse that the air outside the home.   San Diego residents run the risk of substantially lowering the indoor air quality of their homes when toxins that enter from the surrounding high pollution environment are unable to leave the home and become concentrated inside.   Those outdoor toxins find their way into homes by accumulating in dirty indoor air ducts.

        An EPA study found that the majority of people now spend 90% of their time indoors.   Unfortunately, that indoor air is likely to be more polluted than the air outside.   The lower San Diego air quality means that area residents must take steps to improve the quality of indoor air.

Simple Ways to Improve Interior San Diego Air Quality

        Keep in mind that San Diego residents are most likely to experience adverse health affects when their interior living spaces contain molds, heavy concentrations of ozone, and/or particulates in the air.   A well-ventilated home is the single most important step to keep indoor air quality at safe levels.

To improve indoor air quality, home owners should do the following:

Stop smoking inside the home immediately.   The tar and nicotine are a toxic environmental bomb.
Install an ozone filter.   To help keep ozone levels in your home, be aware than machinery such as computers and printers contribute high levels of ozone to their local environment.   Turn off these devices when not in use to keep your indoor air quality cleaner.
Have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis.   Dirt, dust, and other debris builds up in ducts when they are not in regular use.   Once the season changes and there is regular air flow through them once again, the toxins and particulates that have entered your home and settled in your ducts can be blown out into the living area allowing you and your family to be placed in danger of breathing them in.
Service your air conditioning system on a regular basis.   This includes filters as well as cleaning.   Air conditioning systems provide a good local environment for molds (dark & damp areas), which rapidly destroy indoor air quality.
Effect Of Particles On Lungs
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that indoor air quality has been found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air.
Consider that most people spend between 60 to 90% of their time indoors, and that according to the American College Of Allergists 50% percent of all illness is either caused or effected by polluted indoor air.
90% of all air-handler failures are caused by a build up of dirt and dust!   In just a few short years a build up of dirt and dust can cause up to a 20% loss in efficiency.
Indoor air quality is a worthwhile investment for you and your employee's health.   Wouldn't it be nice to know that your indoor air is being cleansed and purified as it passes through a clean and sanitary HVAC System?   Give us a call today to get a quote!
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NOTE:   The information presented on this website is absolutely not intended, construed, implied, interpreted or taken as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional treatment or diagnosis.   These statements have also not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   None of these types of services are a "cure all" for any medical issues.   If you believe poor air quality is affecting your health then your first step should be to seek the advice of your Primary Care Physician (PCP) regarding any medical issues you may have.   Your (PCP) may refer you to an allergist to test you for allergies.   Once you have investigated other possible underlying issues that might be causing you issues, then you may want to look into these types of services.   Our company has had numerous clients that have noticed a tremendous improvement in their situation after our services.   What we want to emphasize is that these services, "no matter who" provides them may or may not provide you with the relief you're looking for.   Results may vary from one person to another, so always consult with your (PCP) FIRST.

        We at Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning sincerely wish you the best, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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