Chimney Evaluation

Some Of The Items Checked During An Inspection...

If a Chimney Sweeping is advisable due to too much flammable creosote buildup.
Possible fire hazards can be found from improper clearances to combustibles.
The firebox and internal smoke chamber and chimney flue pipe are inspected for gaps or cracks that could make it a potential fire hazard.
The condition of log lighter, fire screen, damper, ash dump plate and ash clean-out door.
The external chimney is checked for possible deterioration and for cracks to the bricks, mortar, chimney flue pipe and chimney crown.
Gas fireplaces are checked to ensure that the required locking damper stop is installed.
At this time, the client should feel free to ask any additional questions about the fireplace and chimney's condition and operation.

Get To Know Your Chimney

The drawing shown below represents the most commonly seen masonry chimney configuration.
Know Your Chimney
When the chimney is functioning properly, venting toxic gases and protecting nearby combustibles from the fire's high heat. The thing about the chimney is that dangerous issues and flaws are not always obvious, and the consequences can be serious. A damaged or blocked chimney is incredibly dangerous, and a leaky chimney can quickly become a structurally unsound chimney.
The best way to evaluate the condition of your chimney is to have regular chimney inspections performed by professional chimney sweep. All Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning technicians continue their education and training through an outsourced certified CSIA technician, in order to stay current with new technologies and new codes and standards. With a Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning technician, you can be confident that you're getting a thorough and accurate assessment of your chimney system.
If your appliance and venting system have not changed (you have not installed a new appliance, changed fuels, or had any damage), we will usually recommend that you have a standard Level 1 visual inspection performed. During this inspection, we'll check all of the accessible portions of your system. Once the inspection is complete, we'll share the findings with you and recommend the necessary repairs (if any are needed). If repairs are necessary, we'll explain the situation and go over your options with you. When we leave, you'll know the status of your chimney system.

You Can Help Protect Your Family From Fire!
Nearly All Chimney Fires Are Preventable. Fires Often Result:

When chimneys are blocked or clogged by debris (nests, leaves, etc.).
When thick deposits of highly combustible creosote (particularly glazed creosote) develop on the flue walls.
When damaged flue liners allow heat to transfer to nearby building materials.

These instances can all be avoided with preventative maintenance, including a regular chimney inspection.

If you have your chimney inspections performed regularly, you'll have a much better chance of locating blockages and damage before chimney fires result. Compared to a chimney fire, inspections are small investments that bring peace of mind and confidence when using your system.

Take initiative by scheduling your chimney inspection today. Call Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning at 760-304-2215!
If our thorough chimney inspection indicates you need any kind of chimney repair or rebuild, Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning has the qualifications to do the job.

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