Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Quality, Durable Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

        Keeping your chimney system as safe as it can be means being diligent about repairs, and having experienced, technicians perform those repairs.   Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning technicians are all experienced when we come to repair your chimney, you can expect skill, knowledge and a dedicated focus on customer service.

Some Of The Repair Services Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning Can Do For You

Crown Repair:
        Cracked chimney crowns often lead to leaks and damage within the chimney system.   At Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning, we can repair your cracked crown so that water is directed away from your flue and your chimney system is protected.   If cracks are too severe for safe repairs, we also have the skills and techniques to build a new crown.
Chimney Leaks:
        Years of harsh weather; seismic events; neglect; poor design - these are just a few of the major contributors to chimney leaks.   Whatever may have caused your leak or leaks, Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning can fix the problem and get your chimney back into optimal shape.
Waterproofing & Flashing Repair:
        Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning technicians have years of experience providing custom flashing installation and repair.   We can also help protect and extend the service life of the masonry chimney by applying a waterproofing sealant that is specially designed for chimneys.   This sealant is great at blocking the absorption of water while still allowing vapors to escape through the masonry.
        If you would like to schedule an appointment with our company the following TIPS  will help assist in the completion of your scheduled appointment.

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