Chimney Leaks

We Are Chimney Leak Repair Experts!

        A leaky chimney is certainly nothing you want to hold off repairing.   Chimney leaks tend to lead to many more problems within the chimney system and should be addressed immediately.   When water gets into your chimney system, it can damage just about every part of the chimney, and can even damage the surrounding walls, ceilings, and flooring.   If you have a chimney leak that you are neglecting, it will NOT be long before you have a very frustrating and very EXPENSIVE situation.
        As soon as you see water in or around your chimney, or see signs of water in your firebox, call Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning.   We can thoroughly inspect your chimney system to find where problems may be at, and work to quickly repair them.   We will also suggest preventative measures that can help prevent leaks in the future.

Your Leak And What Could Be Causing It

        The only way to truly know what is causing the leak is to inspect the whole system, starting with the parts of the chimney that most commonly contribute to leaks.
Damaged Flashing
        When we build a chimney, we install flashing around its circumference where the chimney meets with and rises up from the roofline.   This helps keep water from entering into the seams where the roof and chimney meet.   Flashing can rust or corrode with weather, or be torn or dented by animals and strong storms.   Once the flashing is damaged, leaks usually follow.
Missing Chimney Cap
        A flue without a chimney cap is bound to have water issues at some point.   Do NOT leave your flue unprotected - we can install a beautiful and functional chimney cap at a fair and reasonable price!
Cracked Chimney Crown
        Your chimney crown was designed to channel water away from your chimney system, but when it is cracked, it might be allowing water to enter.

The Masonry Is Deteriorating And Taking In Too Much Water

        Brick and mortar, by nature, are porous, but while new bricks, take in some water, they typically do not take in so much that it seeps into the flue.   Unfortunately, over time, bricks can begin to deteriorate and start absorbing greater amounts of water, like a wick or sponge.   We may be able to solve this problem by applying a special waterproofing sealant that blocks the entrance of water but still lets vapors escape from inside the chimney like they are supposed to.
        Even if the chimney masonry is still in good shape, having a waterproofing sealant applied is something worth thinking about.   It is a preventative measure that goes a long way toward keeping leaks out, and keeping your masonry looking and working like new.
        At the first sign of a chimney leak, call Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning - we can repair the leak, and apply a waterproofing sealant that can help prevent future leaks!
        If you would like to schedule an appointment with our company the following TIPS  will help assist in the completion of your scheduled appointment.

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