Important Appointment Tips

        When scheduling your appointment with a Apex Duct And Chimney Cleaning technician, please keep in mind that we can get pretty busy during the fall and winter months.   For the quickest service and the most flexible scheduling, try to schedule your appointment during spring or summer.

When Preparing For Your Appointment

        "For ALL services, please secure any pets you may have.   Most of the services are noisy and MAY cause the pet undue stress which can make the pet unpredictable.   This is for the well-being of the pet and also our technician".   We also have to have power (electricity) for all services.

When our technician comes out to your home we can NOT enter
the premises unless there is someone at least 18 years old.

Air-Duct Service:
        If possible, try and have areas around or near vents & furnace are cleared.   We have to be able to access the vents, sometimes with a ladder to take down the vent covers.   We have to access and open the furnace as part of the service.   We'll need to have running water, as well to clean the registers (vent covers)!
        If possible, remove all items within 6 feet of the chimney being serviced, and discontinue chimney use for a minimum of at least a FULL 24 hours.   (If the appliance still has HOT embers in the firebox we can NOT perform this cleaning service).   Doing so will help protect your valuables, possible injury to our technician and damage to our equipment.
Dryer Vent:
        If possible, remove all items from on top of the dryer and clothes inside the dryer.   Our technicians don't want to handle your clean laundry because we don't want to soil your clean clothes.   Also if possible, leave the dryer connected to the exhaust vent.   We prefer to conduct a test on the dryer to determine if the vent needs cleaned but, it has to be connected.   If the dryer vent does need to be cleaned, we'll do the moving of the appliance (If it needs to be moved).
        If you are able to accomplish any of these tips PRIOR to the arrival of the technician, it will help expedite any service(s) performed.

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